Things you should learn before turning 30


Life is too short to experience everything on your own so better you should learn from other’s experiences. This way you can learn how to react in those situations that makes you numb for a moment. So here are some things that you should learn before you turn 30 because they will help you in shaping your life.


  • The destination is not important always, enjoy the journey too: Yes, instead of worrying about the results or destination you should enjoy the journey. You learn a lot while your journey towards your goals. Those lessons that you learn from your journey becomes more important than the destination.


  • If you always complain about life, then it will reward you with complaints only: Yes, your attitude towards life will determine its attitude towards you. Here comes the law of attraction which states that like attracts like. This means if you find sorrows always than the possibilities are you will never find happiness even if it is right beside you. You have the capability to attract good things in your life. So always count your happiness and never complain.


  • Inspire yourself: Don’t wait for the inspirations to come and knock at your door. People tend to find inspiration in the outside world like a musk deer, without knowing that it stays within. Always inspire yourself with everything you do this makes you feel good from inside that automatically fix things outside.


  • Building skills: You should acquire some skills before you turn your 30s. It is very important because these skills are going to shape your life ahead. This is the right time where you can try to develop any skill and select from them as per your choice.


  • Take risks: Take risks before you turn 30, it is the time to explore your life. Yes, it is the right time because after 30s responsibility increases and risk-taking capacity declines. So better you do whatever you want, it should be done before the 30s. It’s also important because you can have enough time to overcome those losses if any.


  • Managing your finances: This is the time you can start by saving a little. This will give you a feeling of security for finances. When you start saving before 30’s it is obvious that you learn to handle your cash wisely. This strengthens you early in life and you can then focus on other things without worrying about cash.


  • Take control over your time: Proper time management is a skill that you need to master on. Your success depends on how you utilize every second of your life. You can’t change even a second if it passes. Don’t waste your time on things that are just useless. Do things that worth spending your time on them.


These were some of the things that one should learn before turning 30. They are the foundations of a happy life and success.

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