There is telepathy between Hearts

Don’t worry if you are away from your loved ones, and be happy if you are away from your hated ones. But you need to know you are always deeply connected to the person whom you love or hate. Because you are a universe and your messages are always sending and receiving, and space is the messenger of this communication.
In both situations, if you feel like you are suddenly missing someone, it means the concern person’s vibrations are higher then you and that vibrations hit you and suddenly ! you start thinking and missing about them. Then you will plan to call, chat,  talk, meet or you can only think and think and think, you can ignore them and you can observe and watch them mindfully too. That’s call very basic telepathy.
If you pick there vibrations crystal clearly so you can send your voice messages to them instantly without phone and internet. Also, you can ignore them and you can observe and watch them mindfully too. That’s call advance telepathy.
Most of the people can’t pick each other vibrations crystal clearly just because of there busy mind. So be conscious and aware whenever you are in thinking mode. Always remember wherever attention goes energy flow. Everything will come back to you with interest whatever you are attracting. Always remember you are the most expensive part of this universe. Because you are a human.
To free from the cycle of positivity and negativity you need to go beyond the mind. And meditation is the only way to go beyond the mind and constant practice of meditation will help you to go deeper into the mind and beyond the mind too. .Once you reach completely beyond the mind you are in a state of infinite equanimity. That’s the state of nirvana. That’s the state of Lord.
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