The Ultimate Guide To Full Moon Meditation


During a full moon day, the earth comes in between the sun and the moon and the three make a straight line. From the earth, you will find a complete illuminated moon on full moon day. At the end of each monthly lunar cycle, the moon grows full and becomes completely illuminated.

On the other hand, meditation a powerful practice has a plethora of positive effects on your body, mind, and soul. Then what is full moon meditation? Full moon meditation is practicing meditation that relaxes, heals, and calms your body and mind with the soothing rays of the moon.

The immense effects of meditation on your physical, emotional, and mental conditions reach their climax at the time of full moon meditation. Moreover, full moon meditation boosts physical and mental energy.

How To Do Full Moon Meditation Tips

As there is inter-relation between the moon and spiritual practices, you should meditate on a full moon day. If we explain scientifically the moon affects water and our body comprises 70% water. Therefore, a meditation on a full moon day has health benefits. Full moon meditation rejuvenates our body and mind. Sit under the moonlight in the east or west direction. Let’s discuss steps to do meditation on a full moon day.

Learn Full Moon Meditation

Live meditatively throughout the day to save energy to meditate during full moon night. Moreover, restrain from watching television, reading useless things so that you may concentrate at the time meditation at night. Eat light food to avoid digestive issues. These processes will make your meditation in full moon night deeper.

Meditation is the state of no-thinking or no-mind. Just stare at the moon sitting in a comfortable place and don’t think anything. Then close your eyes.

The Effects Of The Moon On Your Body

The food we consume is the source of two types of energy-mind energy and body energy. The mind energy is stored in the pineal gland which secretes essential hormones. The moon rays entering into the gland take control of your activities throughout the full moon night.

Your body contains 70% water and as the moon affects water, the full moon meditation affects your body and mind. The moon rays go inward, go beyond the mind, and help to experience the divinity within.

Full moon meditation frees your mind from all negative thoughts, helps you to discover the real self, to start your life from a fresh, clear perspective, and also helps to make the way for the new. Meditation at night under moonlight enhances your ability to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

Full Moon Meditation Script

Preparation For Full Moon meditation

  • Make a list of all your habits, behavioral patterns, or thoughts, with which you are not happy.
  • Make a list of people, who had hurt you but you want to forgive them.
  • Choose a comfortable place be it a chair or a large cushion or floor.
  • Light a candle to get into the mood.

Learn Full Moon Meditation

Guidance For Meditation On A Full Moon Day

  1. First, closing your eyes, start to inhale, and exhale deep breaths.
  2. Be conscious of your body weight on the floor and keep your hands on your lap and feel.
  3. Allow your muscles to relax.
  4. Let you go of all negative thoughts and concentrate on the present state of mind in the glowing light of the moon.
  5. Now, search particular areas of tension and observe them.
  6. Let your entire body soak into an imaginary powerful white and silver beam of light shining on the top of your head.
  7. Now say that you want to release all negative thoughts, habits, and behaviours that disturb you under the light of the sacred moon.
  8. Now say that you want to release fear & anger, resentment, doubt, envy & comparisons, unhealthy relationships, toxic people, and bad situations.

Best Time To Do Full Moon Meditation

The best time to do meditation is sunrise or dawn, noon and sunset or dusk. After sunrise, the entire nature wakes up and after sunset, the whole natural creatures go to sleep. “Sandhya” is the meeting point of consciousness and nature. During these special hours, the central nervous system becomes active. The active central nervous system leads the individuals, who meditate, directly to Samadhi, i.e., liberation.

When it comes to full moon meditation, night time under the moonlight is the best time. There is an inter-relation between the moon and the mind. The moon affects the human mind and feelings. On the day before the full moon, on the actual day of the full moon, and on the day after the full moon, human beings sometimes become happy and sometimes get upset. Meditation under moonlight frees individuals from negative thoughts and boosts mental energy within individuals. The moon rays soothe, relax, and heal your mind.

Benefits Of Full Moon Meditation

Practicing meditation during the full moon has the following effects:

Purifying effect: Full moon meditation activates the crown chakra. It flushes out negative emotions, energies, and thoughts from the meditator’s crown chakra. It affects physical and emotional health, and creates better self-esteem, clarity of mind, and brings more peace and happiness.

Spiritual Experiences: Greater spiritual experiences can be achieved when your body, mind, and emotions calm down. Before starting the meditation in a group during full moon night, preparation for meditation calms your mind and emotions.

Moreover, full moon meditation helps in faster manifestation of wishes, spiritual empowerment, and energy anchoring and recharged body.


Thus you can’t ignore the influence of the moon on your lives. We see the shape of a circle in the full moon sky. The circle of the moon symbolizes completeness, oneness, eternity, and fulfilment. Full moon meditation offers peace, happiness, and calm. Let the universal energy flow through you through the meditation and let it merge with each and every organ of you. Let the universal energy awaken your inner senses. The moon rays stimulate your conscious action. Take deeper breathe and let the universe take care of everything.

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