Living in a nuclear family is not that bad, if you are teaching these 6 things to your child


India is famous for its vast cultural background and ethical values and is also known for its joint family system where all the people in the family live under one roof taking care of each other.

But in the present scenario, many people are interested in living as a nuclear family. This may have its advantage but it is not good for your child if you are not teaching these things to your child.

Here are some habits that you must inculcate in your child:

  1. A good listener: It is said that “It takes a great man to be a good listener”. In a joint family, there are many elders and younger ones are meant to listen to them, this makes them a good listener in the future. So, you should grow your children in such a way that they don’t just blather all the time. Teach them the qualities of being a good listener.


  1. Learn to share: People in joint families are born with this property of sharing. As they live together it is more often to share everything whether its happiness, food, money, sorrows anything. With this people learn to take care of each other.


  1. The power of unity: People in a joint family feels empowered because they rely on each other. They are a winner in every situation & even in worse circumstances when they are together. Nobody is left alone in his/her bad time which makes them feel strong. You should teach your child the benefits of unity because it is easier to break a stick than a bundle.


  1. Respecting others point of view: All members are not the same as they may have different views varying from each other. So, respecting others point of view is as much important as yours, if not less. In a joint family, people respect & pay attention to others this is a habit that makes them a good social person.


  1. Responsible: In a joint family, people don’t just live for themselves. They take responsibility for others too. Taking responsibilities at an early stage makes them mentally strong to handle situations in a better way. Teach your children to become responsible for not only themselves but also to others.


  1. Discipline: People in the joint family are more disciplined because they start their day together, they eat together and have a fixed routine. There is no space for laziness in their lives because if someone in the family finds you wasting your time, they will try to correct you. A disciplined timetable turns a normal person into a better & successful citizen.


These were some of the things that you should teach your children even if you are living in a nuclear family. Emerging as a person with ethics and cultural values are important to become a responsible citizen.

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