Is it possible to change your life by analyzing your dreams?


It is said that dreams are capable of revealing your deepest desires even if you are ignoring them.


So, Yes! You can change your life by analyzing your dreams.


According to Sigmoid Freud a great psychologist, dreams are the “royal road to the unconscious”. This statement will remain true in the psychology of dreams.


Dreams are the result of communication between your conscious and subconscious mind. Though dreams are confusing, frightening or amusing sometimes they can act as a hint or pathway to what you want to achieve in life or particularly at that time. People are always curious to know the reason behind their dreams. It is performed as a therapy also to guide you in various aspects of your life. Dream analysis doesn’t include any steps as dreams vary from person to person, so are the techniques to analyze them.


There are many ways to analyze your dreams some of them are listed below:

Psychoanalysis: This type of analysis treats dreams as a representation of unconscious desires, unfulfilled wishes & conflicts. Your dream contains both manifest content (the information given by the dreamer as he remembers it) and the latent content (the meaning that is hidden in the dream). In this analysis, the person shares his manifest content of the dream and the therapist then utilizes that information to find the latent content for him.

In this technique, it is believed that you need a second person to interpret your dreams. As people generally forget their dreams so it is necessary to share with a therapist in order to fetch information out of it.


Jungian Analysis: In this technique, the interpretation of dreams is not done but it uses the unconscious materials and symbols to explore the hidden meaning of the dream. It utilizes the technique of Amplification which includes the assumption that humanity shares collectively to understand the meaning of that symbol to help each other in interpreting the meaning of dreams.


Gestalt therapy: This is different from the techniques mentioned above as it gives importance to the fact that dreams are existential messages that we send ourselves. So in this technique, the dreamer is asked to write down everything that he remembers about the dream. The person is then made to perform each part of the dream, creating dialogues between the parts.


These were the techniques that can be used to analyze your dreams. Other than these you can also use Existential art therapy in which you explore the images of the dream, interact with things that you saw in your dream and analyze through art.


Dreams have always remained an intriguing part of human existence. In ancient times, people treated them as heavenly messages. In 1900 a psychologist sigmoid Freud published The Interpretation of dreams that opened doors for dream analysis. Although it is not that popular nowadays, this therapy is still helpful in curing past traumatic experiences, nightmares etc. This therapy is giving solutions to 70% percent of people who believed that their dreams guided them, you can also use one of these techniques to analyze yours.

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