How feeling Grateful can change your life


Happiness doesn’t come from the outside world, it comes from within, and feeling Grateful for what you have is just like that. When you are aware of your blessings and appreciate even the smallest things in your life, this makes you optimistic and drives you towards success. This success is not about being rich or poor, it is about ‘happiness’ which is the real success. How happy you are is the real parameter to judge your success.


Studies have found that counting your blessings every day and staying grateful for what you have can have amazing results in curing you mentally and physically. Feeling Grateful is an emotion similar to appreciation which stimulates positivity in your thoughts. This enables us to discover good things about the people around us.


Staying grateful can have some positive impact on your life too like:


  • Improves your quality of sleep: When you feel yourselves like you are blessed, you feel content. This makes you feel calm where your mind is not hustling with problems of your life and hence induces sleep.


  • Reduces aggression: When you feel grateful your mind stays distressed. You don’t feel angry even if people do something wrong to you. Since your mind is in a peaceful state it finds solutions easily instead of getting angry.


  • Increases self-esteem: When you feel fine with what you have, no one can shake your self-esteem. You always see opportunity even in adversity. You start doing great things instead of just dreaming.


  • Cures depression: People get depressed when they don’t get that they want to have in life. This is the main reason behind depression. Feeling grateful makes you cheerful. It opens many doors for you that were invisible before because you were indulging in criticizing your past. It makes you live happily and stay in present and hence you never feel depressed.


  • Improves social relationships: Staying grateful makes you free from jealousy and all types of anxieties. You start feeling responsible & empathetic towards people around you. People feel more attached to you and hence it improves your social relationship. When you spread positivity that you have achieved by feeling grateful, people are more likely to connect with you.


Feeling grateful is very important to live a happy life. When you feel grateful you see things as a gift, enjoy every moment in life and treat your problems like a lesson. As living a short life full of happiness is better than living a life filled with sadness.

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