How chanting OM for 10 minutes a day can de-stress you for the whole day


This world is running fast, people don’t have time to think about their own well-being. As a result of this, people are living stressful lives and I have seen people struggling for peace of mind.

Stress is a problem faced by one out of three persons. If you are one of them having a stressful life then yes! I have something for you.

Here I’ll be sharing the process of OM meditation technique and how it will be beneficial for you to overcome stress.

The ‘OM’ meditation enables you to feel the things that you can’t visualize or see with your naked eyes. You will feel the cosmic energy that makes you understand yourself better. This meditation process lets you know about yourself with frequently chanting the word “OM”.

It is necessary for you to follow some guidelines before you proceed with this type of meditation. There are many postures in which you can do this meditation from which you can opt one according to the comfort zone.

Below are some steps listed to perform this technique :

  • To sit properly and to begin the meditation process Vajra asana is the most suggested posture. In this position, your body should be relaxed and comfortable. The position of your back should be straight with your legs folded and hands placed on your knees.
  • Now to get rid of the distractions around, you just close your eyes gently while staying in the posture. This will help you in gathering your mind in one direction
  • The next step is to Breath. Don’t be too fast and make sure that you are breathing with your nose only. Now just inhale and exhale for a while and don’t think about anything.
  • First inhale slowly and while exhaling start chanting OM with your mouth for a little longer. Try to draw the sound from your navel. Allow the vibration to rise upward gradually. You don’t have to chant with every exhale. Match the speed, pitch & length of each chant to the duration of your natural exhale and repeat.
  • You have to chant OM gradually and if you feel to stop for a while then just stay in that posture keeping your eyes closed and do nothing for a while and then repeat.


OM meditation can be performed early in the morning when you are in a fresh mood. This will give you positive energy to start your day.

The special thing about this technique is that if you don’t want to be loud because you don’t want people around you to get irritated, then you can enchant it silently with a humming voice to feel the vibrations in your body. Well, this is additional, as nobody gets irritated because chanting ‘OM’ spreads positivity.

You will experience silence and peace in your mind after completing this process. The vibrations in your body will make you feel more active than ever before. This also helps in focusing better & releases all the distractions from your mind.

However, there are many other techniques but the most interesting part of this type of meditation is that it just makes you feel calm in a very subtle way. It frees your soul from the negativity. Make it a habit to stay healthy so keep meditating!

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