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Face reading, also known as physiognomy, analyses a person’s character from their facial features. Face reading is not only learning about a person’s characters but also can tell us about your fate: present, past, and future. Facial features include carved eyebrows, a long chin, a big nose, and narrow eyes. There is a connection between facial features and personality traits. Moreover, face reading gives a general idea about the state of your health. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners apply face reading to diagnose health issues in a patient. In this article, we will provide the complete guide of face reading.

Best Face Reading Techniques

The application of face reading techniques to determine personal characteristics has been fascinated by many cultures all over the world. The Greek philosopher Socrates used to practice the art of face reading. According to Macropolo, the face reading technique was applied in India also. Let’s have a look at how the face reading techniques say about your personality.

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Oval-Shaped Face

If you have an oval-shaped face, you have a high IQ, and you are self-critical and perfectionist. You have brilliant ideas and are bold. But you are physically weak. Firmness and a sense of honesty are other personality traits of the oval-shaped face. An oval-shaped face says that you are pioneers of new ideas, judges, diplomats, and managers. Decision making and providing justice suit best to an oval-shaped faced person.

Round Shaped Face

If you have a round face, you are intelligent and diplomatic. Your strong business sense, smartness, and reflective nature are revealed through a round-shaped face. People with a round face are dynamic and adaptable but they make decisions slowly. Face readers say that your round face reveals that you are kind, caring, optimistic, and sensitive. Creative, intuitive, dreamers have a round face. They tend to have vivid sexual fantasies and they seek long-term relationships.

Heart-Shaped face

A heart-shaped face along with a delicate chin generally has a lower physique. People with a heart-shaped face dislike outdoor work and physical activity. Rather they would like to spend time analysing and acquiring knowledge. Heart-shaped faced persons are good planners, responsible persons, and natural leaders. Deep thinkers, philosophers, and intellectual persons generally have a heart shaped face. For example, writers, researchers, and artists have heart-shaped faces.

Square Shaped face

If you have a square-shaped face, you are a ‘down to earth’ person and at the same time very practical and methodical too. Security in work life and stability in personal life is demanded by these people. They don’t take any unnecessary risks. They always choose a secured, proven path. Square-shaped faced persons are generally conservative, quiet, and not influenced by others. According to face readers, they are reliable, trustworthy, and therefore their suitable professional area is finance and insurance.

Triangle Shaped face

People with a triangle-shaped face are generally extrovert, social, and fun-loving. According to the face-readers, triangle-shaped faced persons are like an open book. They don’t keep secrets inside. Their illuminating quality can change other’s perspectives. A person with this type of face needs other’s help to shine. They must choose a profession as a presenter or speaker. One drawback of the triangle-shaped face is their fiery temper.

The following face reading techniques reveal a person’s past, present, and future.

  1. The area at the top of the head signifies that this person’s childhood is not determined by his efforts but fate. According to the Chinese face readers, a clear forehead means a happy childhood while an indented forehead means health problems, trouble with family members, or problems at school.
  2. People, who struggle a lot to gain success in their career, have a darker skin colour forehead while people, who have a bright career, have a rounded bright forehead.
  3. If the area between the eyebrows is bright and gently rounded, then the person is optimistic. If the area between the eyebrows is thick and has a wide space, then the person is economically solvent and will live longer. Close eyebrows indicate that the person has a problem forgiving. If the area between two eyebrows is a dark colour, then the person has either health issues or unhappiness in a career. This face reading technique is applicable after 27 years of age.
  4. A rounded and spacious chin signifies happiness after 60 years of age. A dark chin indicates unhappiness in old age.

How To Do Face Reading Through Photo?

Face readers can read faces through the study of forehead, eyes, lips, jaws, and noses. When the face readers see a face through a photo, they try to read these organs of the person to know their personality traits, fate, and health.How To Make Face Reading Through Photo


  • Average forehead means intelligent, hard-working, intuitive, balanced, and a great teacher.
  • A high forehead means good at maths, physics, and philosophy. They dislike taking risks, uncertainty, disorder, and are a planner and methodical.
  • A low forehead means spontaneous and independent. They solve problems using their heart, not heads. They act first and think later.


  • Big eyes mean an open-minded, imaginative, receptive, creative, and intellectual person.
  • Small eyes mean organized, methodological, narrow-minded.


  • A short nose means a kind, defensive, sensitive person.
  • Long nose means active, travel-lovers, sport-lovers, independent, bossy person.
  • Roman nose means enthusiastic, passionate, charismatic, judgemental person.


  • Thin lips mean a sophisticated, selective person.
  • Full lips mean confident and pleasure-seeker in life and bed.


  • Prominent jaws mean active, strong, judgemental, impatient person.
  • Small jaws mean a sophisticated, impatient, demanding, conventional people.


Face reading may sound strange. Then you should know that nowadays, scientists have begun to accept face reading. Scientists have discovered the correlation between the shape of the face and the characteristics of a person. Persons with a wide face are more powerful. Face reading is not a difficult job. You can easily learn the basics of face reading to interpret a person’s character and talents. There are many options for online face reading now. Learning a few face reading techniques will help you in your professional as well as personal life.

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