Benefits of Pranayam You Must Know


You must have heard about Pranayam right!

It is a science of breathing, whereby controlling your breath you control your body, mind, and health. As the word states itself Prana means the universal energy or life force which is ubiquitous like the mighty god and Ayam which means guiding, stimulating and establishing a rhythm between body and mind by controlling this life force. Using pranayama we learn to control our breath in a systematic way. This, in turn, increases the positive energy level in the body and helps in removing toxins of mind and body.

Below are some diseases that can be cured by regular practice of Pranayam:

  1. Low & High blood pressure: In Pranayam, the focus is not on simply breathing to stay alive but it ensures a regulated supply of oxygen in your heart through your lungs. When you inhale and exhale with your nostrils using Anulom-Vilom which is appropriate to cure high and low pressure. The oxygen flows completely through your lungs and combines with the blood flowing through your artery walls. Hence, when blood flows smoothly the problems of blood pressure will never affect your health.


  1. To reduce stomach fat:  To reduce your stomach fat, Bhastrika Pranayam is the perfect cure. The deep breath you exercise daily using  Pranayam helps in supplying oxygen to every cell in the body. In this Pranayam, you sit in a yogic posture keeping your eyes closed, using your hands close left nostril with your left hand and exclude the internal air from your right nostril and do vice versa. By doing this 8-10 times daily it helps in releasing body toxins and burns your fat.


  1. Depression: There are many techniques in Pranayam to cure depression, Anulom-Vilom is one of them. In this, after sitting in the yogic posture you have to rest the thumb of your right hand on your right nostril, inhale through the left nostril and hold the breath in for a few seconds. Then remove your thumb from the right nostril and exhale and after exhaling you have to close your left nostril and repeat the process. This relieves stress and guides your mind to function optimally. You will feel a deep sense of peace and rejuvenation in your mind immediately after doing it.


  1. Asthma: Asthma is a respiratory disease, it can be cured by doing Bhastrika and Kapal Bhati. In these Pranayams, you throw your inner air with a force that helps in detoxification and it helps in removing blockage from your airways present in the lungs. If you practice these Pranayams regularly it will cure your asthma and makes you healthy.


  1. Cough problem: you can get rid of the cough problem permanently by practicing Pranayam regularly. Kapal Bhati is very helpful in releasing cough out of your body. In this, you sit in padmasana keeping your spine straight and close your eyes. Now inhale deeply through your both nostrils and fill your lungs with air then exhale through both nostrils with a force making a hissing sound. In this way, your stomach will go deep inside generating pressure in your stomach. Doing this regularly fill solve your cough problem.


  1. Cardiovascular diseases: Many cardiovascular diseases occurs in the body because of irregular breathing. This irregularity results in less circulation of blood through your heart. By exercising Pranayam regularly you can utilize nearly 80% of your lungs for breathing. This leads to entering of more pure oxygen into your bloodstream. For this, you should practice Anulom- Vilom as it is the easiest to perform and increases the circulation of blood through your heart, reducing your cardiovascular diseases.


  1. Lack of concentration: When you are unable to concentrate on whatever you do and you want to cure this before it becomes a problem then you should start practicing Pranayam. So to increase your concentration Bhramari Pranayam also called bee breath is the solution. In this, after sitting in a yogic posture you have to place your thumbs on your ears, index fingers above your eyebrows and remaining fingers along the side of your nose in such a way that your Pinki finger rests near your nostrils. After this fill your lungs with enough air and exhale while making a humming sound. This Pranayam increases your concentration and makes you calm.


These were some diseases that can be cured using Pranayam. Exercising Pranayam is very easy, you just have to google about the technique and start practicing at home. The main aim of Pranayam is to supply oxygen to every part of the body which is necessary if you want to stay healthy.

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