Balance the sun and moon nadi in you by learning Hatha Yoga



What, according to you, is “Yoga”? Is it making the body flexible and bend it in any posture like a rubber band? It is a wrong conception that people in the modern era think. Yoga is uniting with nature and the universe. It has many forms and various levels; one of the beginning levels is Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is one of the basic yoga. To master the technique of yoga begins with Hatha Yoga. There are many hatha yoga tips for beginners.  Hatha yoga for beginners’ courses will help you to deal with and learn all the postures and asanas.

In hatha yoga for beginners classes, the guide will train you with the different sets of postures along with the breathing techniques. With every step, you have to know the inhaling and exhaling of air at the right time. Hatha yoga for beginners is a perfect way to prepare the body for a more complex task.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Do you know that the human body is consists of many nadis, say around 72000, out of those two main nadis are Ida and Pingala. So, hatha yoga beginners have to understand the concept that this yoga is about balancing the Ida and Pingala, Ida is the cooler side, called the moon and connected to the left nostril. Pingala is on the solar side, hence warm. It appears on the right side of the nostril.

balancing naadi with hath yoga

Techniques in Hatha Yoga for beginners

  • Asana or Posture – Body posture matters a lot in yoga. Balancing the lower back, arms, backbends, inversions, twist, and the list goes endless. The first step is to maintain the body posture that many of us fail.


  • Pranayama – Our lives revolve around breathing. The moment you stop it, you are no more. Do you know that breathing techniques help to relax not only the body but also has a positive effect on the mind? Several pranayama exercises help to detoxify the lungs. You can look at different yogic breathing techniques here.

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  • Mantras – You will be fascinated to know that the intonation of several mantras is an integral part of yoga. People learn the right pronunciation of every mantra in hatha yoga class. It balances the subconscious mind and enhances brain function.


  • Mudra – Mudras are hand gestures. People perform mudras since ancient times in various forms. As we know, yoga is the flow of energy. So, this non-verbal communication is necessary to heal some illness or to deal with psychic abilities.


  • Shatkarmas – Daily yoga practice rejuvenates you. It brings back life in you. How important is it to steer clear of the nasal passage? This technique helps in cleaning the nostril passage by flushing out the dust and pollutants that accumulate in our system. It also helps prevent the cold.


  • Meditation – Meditation is the art of nourishing the mind with positive thoughts and improving concentration power. Meditate and have a peaceful life. You can look at the full moon meditation technique here.

So, these are the basis for hatha yoga for beginners. There is a lot more to it. It is unavoidable for humans to keep the mind and body in good shape and, at the same time, remain connected with nature.

Health benefits of Hatha Yoga

The health benefits of hatha yoga are marvelous. Though it is not convenient, and many times your body feels like giving up. Keep your motivational level up and enjoy the numerous benefits.

Improves muscles strength

How many of you find it difficult to bend and tie the shoelaces? Thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and improper diet. Yes, the young generation is complaining about muscle and lower back pain. Start the hatha yoga and keep your muscles in good condition for a longer time.

Controls Blood Pressure

In this modern era, people feel to have a sense of insecurity as we all are living a fast-paced life. Few minutes of devotion can help relax the mind that helps in controlling the blood flow and keeps the sugar level in control.

Healthy Skin

It improves blood circulation controlling wrinkles and helps your skin to shine. Also, it stops acne breakouts and halting the body to produce extra melanin.

Immunity Booster

How necessary is immunity for the human body? We need it to protect the body from infections. Apart from a healthy diet, hatha yoga strengthens immunity and controls the stress level. Stress hurts the mind and body.

Weight Loss

Obesity! Common issues faced by the young generation to the old one. We all desire to have a toned and beautiful body, join the hatha yoga for beginners. Shed the extra calories, look beautiful, and have full confidence.

Hatha Yoga for beginners: Preparatory Process

How determined are you to learn yoga? Are you ready to come out of your comfort zone? At the initial stage, people will find it difficult to bend and stretch. It is the natural phenomenon of the body. Over time, you will overcome all the issues that you come across performing the various asanas or holding a breath.

Prepare your body by starting the yoga for about 10 minutes. Gradually increase the time. Do not rush to jump from ten minutes of yoga to one hour. Allow your body to get accustomed to it. Give yourself time to learn.


Always start the hatha yoga with breathing yoga that cleanses the mind and helps improve concentration. You warm up your body before doing the resilient work-out or exercise the same concept applies to hatha yoga.


It is advisable to join the hatha yoga for beginners’ classes. Do not try all the asanas at home as it may cause injuries. Take guidance from an expert. There are some tips to do various complicated asanas that the only expert can guide you.

Do not let the indolence take over you, and do not allow it to control your body. You set the alarm for 5 in the morning, but your body says to shut the alarm and sleep more. Yoga will help you to overcome such problems. So, dedicate some time apart and positively direct your energy.

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