A Guide to Healthy Relationships

Here are some essential hacks for people who wish to improve their relationship with their loved ones.
1.Ways to have a healthy relationship with your parents:
  •  Genuine Conversations- Have genuine conversations with them, tell them what you feel and ask them about what they feel, have a two-way conversation.
  • Trust and Forgiveness- Trust them, they are your parents, they wouldn’t want anything bad for you, even sometimes when you are in confusion that what to do and what not to do, just listen to them, you will thank them later
  • Try being friends with them sometimes, do fun activities together, and introduce them to your lifestyle and your point of view to live a life.
    Always keep in mind that parents are humans too, they too can get angry sometimes and misjudge you and your standards, just give it some time and everything will be alright, TIME HEALS EVERYTHING.

2.Ways to have healthy relationships with peers:
  • Set goals together- Always have a brainstorm session to set the goals, everyone’s agreement is important.
  • Stick to your commitments- Always do what you promised, this will make others trust you, which is the most important to excel in the organization.
  • Be a professional- Never involve your personal grudges or misunderstandings in the work, it would affect your work and also damage your image.
  • Teamwork is a must- Always prefer teamwork as “it’s amazing what you can accomplish without caring about who gets the credit.”
Always make sure you have a healthy a relationship with your peers, they are the ones you have to work with and you need a healthy work environment to give out the best in you. Otherwise, you may eventually get frustrated with them and may not be able to give your best output.
3.Ways to have healthy friendships:
  •  Honesty- Always be honest with your friends, this is not a relationship where lies are required.
  • Sort misunderstandings- Sort the misunderstandings as soon as possible, the longer you carry them, the more it gets you apart.
  • Communicate and connect- Spend quality time together and get to know each other like no one else, explore each other’s most hidden sides.
And always remember the lesser you expect, the happier you get. Surprises are always better then shocks, so never expect much. Friendship is the most important part of every person’s life as these are the people who completely understand us and these are the people we can pour our heart out to. Basically, we are all afraid to lose our friends so we need to know some serious hacks to keep our friendships long-lasting.
4. Ways to have a healthy relationship with your lover-
  • Speak up- Speak up for yourself, never be the submissive one, it will affect you in the long run.
  • Respect each other- Respect is the most important thing every individual need from the very beginning of a relationship.
  • Compromise- Sometimes compromising for the ones you love is okay, it keeps you both happy.
  • Respect the privacy- Everyone needs privacy, so don’t annoy them by always sticking onto them, give them some space.
  • Be supportive- Support each other, no matter what, just be there for each other.
    Your partner is the one you see your future with and if you guys are actually serious for each other you may have had “the talk”, the above-mentioned points are some important points that every individual demand.

5. Ways to have a good social circle-    
  • Greet the person in a friendly way
  • Memorize each person’s name when you meet them
  • Demonstrate positive body language
  • Use small talk to get to know the person
  • Ask thoughtful follow-up questions during the conversation
  • Focus on things you have in common
    A good social circle is also very important, as the place where you live, you must have social interactions and no one can live completely isolated, it is a human tendency to socialize and make communications and connections, so, the above-mentioned points are very important.

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