8 Reasons to choose Homeopathy over Allopathy


When we suffer from diseases, it is up to us that how we want to cure ourselves. There are many branches of medicines to choose from like allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure etc. From all of these, homeopathy is known for its nature of not having any side effects on a human body.

We have a lot of treatments to choose from but our choice may vary if we want to get cured for a moment or we want to get rid of that problem for the whole life.

So here are 5 reasons “Why you should go for homeopathy to have a permanent cure”:

  • No side effects: One of the main reasons you should choose homeopathy is that there are no side effects of this type of treatment. The medicines are made of natural substances like herbs which do not have any harmful effects on the human body. Whereas chemicals affect your body in various ways leading to allergies and other health-related issues in allopathy.


  • Total care with less dosage: Homeopathy treats patients by giving a specific amount of composition made for the particular health issue. As the patient takes fewer pills, it has no negative impact on your body on the other hand allopathic medicines are given in combinations with antibiotics that affect our system badly.


  • Cure long-term pain: Homeopathy is recommended to the people having problems related to neuro or nerve related issues. These types of diseases take a long time to get cured and allopathy treatments often have side effects on the long-term medication. Considering neuro-problems that are unbearable, homeopathy treatments is the best one to use.


  • Strengthening the Immune system: As homeopathic medicines contain basic elements to cure the particular disease along with its symptoms. Homeopathy has a belief that when the WBC (white blood cells) works well then, the body will not acquire any disease. So, these medicines strengthen the immune system of the body.


  • Budget-friendly/ Pocket-friendly: Homeopathy medicines are inexpensive there per unit cost is very low as compared to others. Hence this treatment is affordable to every class of our society as treatment should be made available to all.


  • A cure for chronic diseases: If you are battling chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes etc. these issues cannot be treated overnight. Allopathy can leave behind a lot more side effects than cures so a homeopathic treatment is always suggested in an early stage. However, in an emergency, you can go for allopathy but once the critical stage passes, go back to homeopathy.


  • For Children: Children are more prone to infections and diseases so they need more care as compared to adults. You should prefer homeopathy treatment for them because any kind of medications has a little level of toxicity in it. Homeopathy pills have zero toxicity level. So, they are totally safe for your child.


  • No Overdose repercussions: Homeopathic medicines are handpicked according to the needs of the individual. It is said that the concept of an overdose does not exist in homeopathy so in case you had an overdose or you have consumed other medicine than the prescribed one. There is nothing to worry about that because it is not going to affect you anyway.

These were some of the reasons to choose homeopathy over allopathy. If we want to have a healthy life than for sure we should go for homeopathy. Though the process is a little longer but it provides 100 % cure but on the other hand allopathy can give you instant treatment but it is unable to cure the root cause as a result the person never feels healthy.

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