7 things you will find in people who know the Art of Living

Art of living is to live in the present moment and enjoy the life to the fullest. It promotes a healthy and happy life. A person who knows the ‘art’ of living knows the crux of living. It makes you believe in your dreams and yourself.
Everyone wants to be happy in life but there are only a few ones who are actually happy. Some people when looked at seems to be living the best version of themselves and have no regrets in life, that is, what the art of living is. These are the people who inspire others. Following are some things you will find in a person who knows the ‘Art’ of living
1) They have a purpose in life:
     To have a meaningful purpose in life is very important. A person without a purpose is like a boat without an oar. People who know their purpose in life stay focused and passionate about it. This focus and passion lead them to strive to try their best. A goal helps these people to work harder and better.


2) They know their priorities:
    There are hundreds of things going on simultaneously in one’s life but one who knows his priorities leads a happy life. Living a good life depends on what matters to you. The ones who set their priorities ahead of them are the happiest beings in the world. As knowing your priorities reduces confusion and waste of time and results in a prosperous life. 


3) They live in the moment:

    Live in the moment means living in the present moment irrespective of the future or the past. The people who know the ‘art’ of living know that life is a journey and not a destination. They live in the moment to enjoy every single adventure offered by life. They enjoy every second like a child.


4) They believe in eating healthy:
     Healthy food leads to a happy life – the saying is true in every aspect. Healthy food not only makes one energetic but also boosts up the mood. The people who eat a healthy diet remains extremely happy and always active.


5) They meditate and exercise:
    The people who know how to live in present don’t let their body become a burden to them. To live a life to the fullest one needs to take care of his body. Body and mind work together to make a person stress free. The people who are fit and focused enjoy the bounties of life.


6) They are full of energy and positivity:
    These people are full of energy and positivity during any activity. They keep themselves cool and act wisely in difficult situations. The optimistic approach towards life makes them an inspiration for others.


7) They keep on trying new things
     A routine never satisfies these people. They tend to find new things to amuse themselves. The ‘art’ of living is surprising yourself. These people try to learn something new and different every time they get a chance. 


So, these were some things about a happy person. One can learn to find happiness by starting with a goal in life. A happy life demands to let the bygones be bygones and serving a greater purpose in life. A man who leads a happy life lives each moment to the fullest and accept every challenge with a smile. Start realizing your potential and creating a life that you want.
Don’t just Exist, start living!
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