7 things to know about live in relationships

The legal definition for a live-in-relationship or cohabitation is “A living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together in a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage.”Nowadays, especially in urban areas, live-in-relationships are very common among the youngsters, so if you are thinking about getting into one, this is all you need to know about live-ins before taking a decision. Below mentioned are the main points you need to know about live-ins.
  1.  Completely Legalized– Live-ins are completely legalized in India and the couple holds all the rights to stay together, they have an equal share in everything and it’s their decision when to leave whenever they want.
  2. Security and Freedom- Both the partners are equal and cannot be mistreated or misjudged on the basis of their relationship status, if done so, it will be an objectionable offense.
  3. Rights against domestic violence– The women residing in a live-in relationship holds the same rights against domestic violence as a married woman does, she cannot be exploited or abused on any terms.
  4. Enough time – The couple gets enough time to know each other, by living in together they are able to make better decisions that if they want to get married.
  5. No Social Customs- The couple would not be bounded to any kind of social or family customs, they can lead a life on their own terms. They don’t need to care about the “log kya kahenge” mentality.
  6. Child Custody- The custody of the child born in a live-in relationship is given to the father and if the child wishes to live with the mother, he/she can do so.
  7. Compatibility- In today’s lifestyle, people are more career oriented and don’t want any commitments, so they decide mutually to reside together, they get to decide if they want to get married, continue the relationship or just separate. All they need to be is Compatible and nothing else holds a share.
Either it is a marriage or a live-in relationship, it’s completely your call. You can choose whatever suits your lifestyle the best, although studies have proved that live-ins are better than marriages in urban areas but today also, the majority prefers a marriage and enjoys being in one, commitments still matters to a lot of people, it is a kind of satisfaction of settling down that people feel when they get married and start a family, there are perks and drawbacks to everything, so better choose wisely.
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