7 simple ways of practicing Chakra Healing !

 Here are some ways in which you can balance your chakras, these can be done by anyone even at home and are very simple and time-saving. Anyone having trouble in their daily life can try these, these are the most ancient ways of healing your stress and daily life problems.
  1. Chakra Meditation – These meditations are the specialized meditations which are performed under the guidance of the professionals, they help to detoxify the body and mind to a lot extent.
  2. Affirmations – Affirmations are positive statements that have the function of strengthening and healing damaged part of ourselves.
    • The Root Chakra – “I am filled with humility. I am enough as I am.”
    • The Sacral Chakra – “I am radiant, beautiful and strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life”
    • The Solar Plexus – “I accept myself completely. I accept that I have strengths and I accept that I have weaknesses.”
    • The Heart Chakra – “Love is the answer to everything in life, and I give and receive love unconditionally”
    • The Throat Chakra – “My thoughts are positive, and I always express myself truthfully and clearly”
    • The Third Eye Chakra – “I am wise, and I understand the true meaning of life’s situations”
    • The Crown Chakra –  “I am complete and one with the divine energy”
  3. Balancing through massage – There are special massages which focus on maintaining and placing pressure on the parts in a specific way which helps in healing the chakras.
  4. Color Vibration – Different colors have different vibrations which lead to a change in mood, performance and mental state on a person.
  5. Music – Every chakra has its own sound frequency and it attracts and heals the frequencies related to them.
  6. Crystals – There are specific crystals appointed for different chakras, which when placed on the parts of the bodies i.e. the chakras, heals them with their healing powers.
  7. Yoga – It is the most commonly practiced method of discovering peace and inner-self and is very useful.
The main purpose of all these practices is to heal yourself and get sorted with your daily life problems, these methods are natural and safe and will benefit you to the fullest, also they can be practiced very easily and if done daily, they would bring out the best in you.
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