7 facts about Buddhism, making it different from other religions


Buddhism is a religion came into existence in between 6th to 4th century. It was started by Buddha who was called Siddhartha Gautama initially when he was a prince of the Shakya dynasty. He searched for the path of renunciation when he came to know about the sufferings of the people around him. He left his wealth in search of truth to find a permanent solution to their miseries. As a result, Siddharth becomes Buddha- the enlightened one. Here are some interesting facts about Buddhism that differs it from other religions.

  • Buddha is not considered as a god: Yes, in Buddhism, Buddha is not revered as a god but a teacher. The region is based on his teachings to get enlightened.


  • 4th largest religion in the world: Buddhism is not limited to Tibet or India only. It is followed by an estimated of 488 million people in the world.


  • It is part of Hinduism: Since the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha was born as a Hindu, this is the reason it is considered as an inherent part of Hinduism.


  • China has the largest population of Buddhist followers: China has more than 244 million followers of Buddhism. This is 18.2% of its total population.


  • Going temple daily is not necessary: Going to a temple is not necessary on a special day. They go to temples when they are able to go there. However, it is common for Buddhists to go on a full moon day.


  • Buddhist temples are called Vihars: For Buddhists, Vihar is a place where they get to learn about Buddha’s preaching. In Vihars there is a shrine room with a large statue of Buddha and statues of his disciples. There is also a lecture room, meditation room, and library.


  • The significance of flowers in Buddhism: In Buddhism, flowers are offered in Vihars before Statues of Budha. These flowers signify that life is transient. Just like a flower lifespan is too short. So we should liberate ourselves from the all the miseries and get enlightened.
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