5 Ways to stay disciplined and create a routine


Before you want to get disciplined, you need to answer one question to yourself that – Why you want to get disciplined? As you may have many things you want to do right now but the list will shrink when you would ask yourself that why you want. So, once you discuss this question with yourself, you are ready to learn those golden habits that will make you disciplined and help you in following your routine.


  • Active goal setting: When you have a plan to attain your goals, it is called active goal setting. When you make a plan make sure it is written somewhere don’t make it abstract. If you have a long-term goal then divide it into short ones. Start by creating some daily goals. Now track and analyze them from day 1. This will ultimately show your progress towards your goals.


  • Prepare a routine: Create a routine that is feasible to follow, don’t be too harsh on yourself. so your routine should be in such a way that it becomes your life, not just a part that you play daily. Now stick to it until it becomes automatic just like you blink your eyes unconsciously. Your routine should be visible in your actions.


  • Time management: We all have the same amount of time in a day but a winner is the one who utilizes it wisely. When you manage your time properly, you have space for other activities that are important like going for a walk or calling a friend just to refresh your mind. So don’t waste your time on anything that is not going to be useful for your goal. With this I don’t mean you should stop socializing with people, all I mean is manage everything in such a way that you have a hold on your life.


  • Motivate yourself: Nobody can motivate you if you are not willing to motivate yourself. So, motivate yourself for some time until your routine becomes your habit. You can try giving yourself a gift for every short goal. This will definitely increase your craving for the reward and hence make you disciplined.


  • Persistence: Without persistence, your goal can never come into existence. When you push yourself towards your goals, persistence is the key that never lets you give up on your dreams. So follow your routine with persistence even if the situations discourage you because persistence has the magic that turns your failure into success.


These were some steps that you should follow if you want to get disciplined. These steps can be useful even if you want to start a morning walk but couldn’t get the courage to continue it. Last but not the least, you have to find pleasure in whatever you do because when you feel happy you are more often to continue with your routine.

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