5 things to discuss before your marriage if you both are working professionals


When two people start thinking about getting married, they probably have a lot of things in common for example interests, experiences, or values. It can be possible that they come from similar backgrounds and experiences. Your happiness or other experiences you share in your relationship after your wedding vows are the foundation of your marriage. These shared experiences will keep you connected even in the situation when you don’t feel to stay together.


So, here are 5 questions you should discuss with your partner before saying yes to a lifelong sacred relationship:


  1. Career interests: In this generation when both genders can have an equal recognition in their respective fields, it’s important to talk about each other’s career interest at first place. Your partner’s point of view on your career is what connects your mentality and level of thinking. This can be helpful in having a stable life ahead because respect for each other’s work is important to have a healthy family.


  1. Delegating responsibilities: If both are working professionals then sometimes there might be situations when you have to take responsibility for your partner. Discussing this before marriage is very much important because once you start a family, the responsibilities start to grow automatically. To handle these responsibilities while working is a bit difficult but it can be easy for you if your partner is helpful and ready to perform your duties.


  1. Families financial or money related issues: This is definitely not the era where women’s role is limited to the kitchen. Today women act as a strong pillar in the foundation of a family. So having a discussion about how you both going to do the expenses and what will be your future saving plans is important. It is always beneficial to have a discussion because it brings you to a good decision.


  1. Resolving your conflicts: Sometimes when couples go into a long-term relationship it is likely to have conflicts on some topics. So how you are going to handle those situations will define the depth of your relationship in a long run. Solving those conflicts through discussions will be the key instead of talking to others about them.


  1. Having kids: How you are going to expand your family is something that is not easy to talk about before marriage but this is as important as other factors. Planning your family is the basic thing to discuss once you get married so why not discuss this before. Your partner may have some plans for that or maybe they have some career plan they want to work on, even after marriage and increasing responsibilities can have its consequences.


So, the discussion of all the topics listed above is important because what you expect from your relationship, in the long run, is important to have a healthy married life.

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