5 Things that you must be missing if you are not in a joint family


We are humans, meant to live with each other. To support, guide, motivate & take care of each other. One best way of living happily is to live with a joint family.

Before going further let’s take a look at what a joint family is- A joint family is an extended family system that includes many independent individuals sharing one roof and living as a unique identity. A typical joint family consists of grandparents, married brothers and sister, their children and other relatives. All are different but dependent on each other and the head of the family holds all the responsibilities.


Check out these things that you should know about a joint family!

  • Living together without privacy issues: In a joint family, you must have seen people surrounded with each other but still, they do not poke into each other’s life regularly until the person shares his problems with others. The concept of living together helps you to adjust to others. This teaches you how to be interactive and helpful to others.


  • Trip Planning: During your holidays you can spend time with your relatives. It is interesting to go on a family trip and make holidays memorable. This is the time when you create memories. It feels different when you enjoy with your cousins and other relatives than friends. It’s a time when you get to know more about your family member’s choices and interests.


  • Makes you responsible: When you are in a joint family you feel more responsible. You support your family with finance and as a member, you support each other emotionally too. Living in a joint family doesn’t mean that you are dependent on your family but it teaches you how to handle responsibilities & problems if they come your way.


  • Ethical values: In many joint families, there are some rules that you have to follow like if it is a traditional one than the final decisions will be made only by the head of the family. Although you can give relevant suggestions, you are not the decision-maker. These decisions play an important part in one’s life because these decisions are filled with the utmost experience. As it is said that it’s better to learn from others experience because life is too short to experience everything on your own.


  • Support and Motivation: You get support from the family members in many ways, you don’t have to look for others. You can blindly rely on them. Their advice can be helpful for you in deciding career options. Family motivates you to be strong and confident. It becomes easy to follow your dreams & accept challenges when people stand beside you. They will always be with you and motivate you.

These were some of the important things that you learn when you are in a joint family. Larger the family size is, the better package of happiness you claim. So, you should feel lucky being a part of a joint family and if not, then live with love & do care for each other in your nuclear families too.

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