5 Principles of Jainism you need to know



People who follow Jain Dharma believe that Jainism is eternal dharma with the Tirthankara guiding every cycle of life. It is considered to be founded by Rishabhdev, one of 24 Tirthankaras of Jain dharma.


There are 5 principles that are followed by the Jain community which leads to a life where you feel more peace by connecting with the ultimate power of the universe.


These 5 principles and their significance are shared here:

Ahimsa (Non-violence) – In Jain Dharma, it is said that instead of hate or violence, one should help others. It is believed that non-violence should be followed not only in actions but also in speech and thoughts. So, one should never advocate violence in any way because it affects and destroys one’s soul.


Anekantavada (Many-sided reality) – It states that truth and reality always have multiple aspects. It is difficult to explain by language as it remains incomplete with just one perspective. One should stay open to varieties of truth. This creates space and respect for the views of others. One can have a better perception only after hearing others.


Aparigraha (non-attachment) – This includes non-attachment to material and psychological possession. If you feel attached to the materialistic things it will make you crave for it and inculcate greediness. So, one should not attach to materialistic things because it causes anguish.


Asteya (Non-Stealing): One should not take others property without their consent as it is subjected to theft. One should not take more than one’s needs. So, this teaches us to respect everything, nature has provided. Do not waste things as anyone that provides you anything should be revered in Jainism.


Brahmacharya (celibacy): All types of sensual pleasure are prohibited in Jainism. It teaches to have chastity in thoughts because you cannot attain nirvana (the ultimate goal of life) if you do not free your mind from those thoughts. it teaches to follow a balanced lifestyle, free from all sorts of distraction.


These were the 5 principles of Jainism. They are made simple in order to spread the real meaning they hold. One can attain peace simply following them regularly

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