5 Myths about Vipassana Meditation You Must Know

Vipassana means to see things as they really are, is one of the oldest meditation techniques rediscovered by Gautam Buddha. Vipassana meditation aims at the eradication of mental impurities and results in a liberation of all miseries. It is a way of self-transformation through self-observation. There are numerous benefits of vipassana meditation including physiological, spiritual and psychological. It helps in getting a balanced mind full of love and compassion. Also, it helps in enhancing the immune system. 
But as usual, there are also some myths related to vipassana meditation. The most interesting ones are as follows:-
1) It is all about silence
     This is the myth which scares away most of the people. It is true that one has to stay silent, but that silence should be the silence of a garden and not a graveyard. If there is a sound of a breeze or a bird singing, it only deepens the silence. Think of your silence that way.
2) It makes you disconnected from the world
       People think that vipassana lead you to isolate from the world. Practicing Vipassana means no communication, no entertainment, no asana or no yoga. But it is only during the retreat period where one has to follow these rules and guidelines. Yoga is certainly compatible with Vipassana. The traditional method of vipassana demands isolation as it focuses on the self and no connection with externalities. It focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body. The idea is to disconnect with whatever around you to reconnect with the happiness around you.
3) It demands to be vegetarian
    This is another myth which misguides people. Yes, it demands a vegetarian diet but only during the retreat period. It does not force you to follow the diet for the lifetime. It gives you the freedom to decide what you want and what not.
4) Vipassana is for the people who don’t have a meaningful purpose in life
     Some people think that it is a life of unfulfilled desires. It is boring to live a life without a meaningful purpose. You always need to live a life with a passion for your dreams. But dreams come with frustrations or cravings and there, vipassana technique comes into action. It helps you in balancing out the cravings and frustrations. And hence, use your desires to move you forward, not set you back into misery.
5) It is for everyone
    This is the biggest myth about Vipassana meditation. People think that it is for everyone but everyone is different in this world so certainly, it is not for everyone. If it is hard in everyday life even though one has given it a fair try, then the technique is not for him. There are lots of other techniques available so not to worry and try out some other one.
So, these are some myths related to vipassana meditation. They can lead one to not practice Vipassana but practicing vipassana can result in balanced and stress-free life. And it can lead you to understand the essence of living. 

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