5 Benefits of Reiki Healing


Reiki is a healing therapy, it was developed by a Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1922. In the word Reiki, Rei means God’s wisdom or the higher power and Ki means the life force energy that flows within us. So Reiki is the process of spiritually guiding the life force. It is used to clear the mental and emotional interference that causes problems both mentally and physically.


In this, the energy is said to flow from the practitioner to the person also called receiver on which Reiki is performed. The Reiki practitioner rests their hands over the receiver’s head, trunk, legs and feet and then the energy starts to flow. The person experiences a feeling of warmth flowing in and around him/her. This helps in restoring energy and balance in the receiver’s body.

There are many ways in which Reiki can be beneficial to you also as listed below:

  • Relieves stress: It is helpful in relieving stress & tension. After a Reiki session, the person feels relaxed and smooth. The person gets liberated from all the mental and physical pressures.


  • Reduces Pain: By applying reiki therapy on the affected area one can reduce pain and gets relief within minutes.


  • Helpful in relationship problems: It works in increasing the understanding between individuals. If you are going through a tough time in your relationships with anyone then you can use Reiki.  This technique works towards the benefits of both parties involved.


  • Sharpens your senses: Practicing Reiki can increase the concentration power of your senses. It is able to induce sixth sense also if practiced passionately. People experience amazing advancement in their body and mind after Reiki sessions.


  • It supports total well-being: Reiki is capable of making you healthy in every aspect like physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally and hence ensures total well-being. One can experience its benefit in an individual or in a group also.


Reiki is a potential healing technique that fills you with positivity. Anyone can use this technique for the benefit of others as it is not taught but transferred from teacher to the students. The student then undergoes attunement that allows him to feel and transmit life force energy to others.

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