5 Benefits of Full Moon Meditation


Full moon already has a spiritual significance in many religions. It is considered to be a sacred time when the moon comes in alignment between our planet and the sun. It imparts positive energy on the basis of which many festivals are fixed. Hence meditating on full moon marks the flow of the positive spiritual energies.

These are some of the benefits of full moon meditation noted below:

Deeper purification: Meditating on full moon brings a greater amount of divine energy into your system. It removes all the negative thoughts, emotions and energies making a person purified physically, mentally and emotionally.


Rejuvenates your body: Meditations is able to induce energy in any person but on full moon day the strength of the practitioner increases. Meditating on full moon day has a great healing power, it reduces all the chaos of life and ensures greater peace, happiness, and self-esteem.


Empower you spiritually: On a full moon, lots of divine energies enter into the body the body which acts as a channel for communication between the person and the divine. This way the meridians present in our body get energized, in this way the person feels empowered spiritually.


Makes you stress-free: Meditating in full moon is helpful in reducing stress also because the energy that flows on the full moon is capable of uplifting you from all the unfavorable conditions mentally and hence makes you calm and stress-free.


Help in manifesting your dreams: On full moon day as the flow of energy increases so is the effect of the law of attraction. So it is the best time to apply the law of attraction while meditating on full moon day in order to make your dreams a truth.

Full moon meditation is a great way to open the doors of opportunity if done correctly. Though you can experience its benefits by simply sitting in a yogic posture under the moon. It will give you a sense of tranquility.


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