5 benefits of Acupressure you never knew


Acupressure is a medicinal therapy, has its root in traditional Chinese medicine. In acupressure they work on acupoints or acupressure point, also called meridians. The human body has fourteen “meridians” that carry energy throughout the body. It is believed that a vital energy flows through these channels in the body which drives our life. These meridians start from our fingertips that are connected to our brain and then connects the organ associated with that specific meridian. It is believed that these meridians organize our system and maintains a communication throughout our body. This is a method used for more than thousands of years in China. It promotes relaxation and wellness. It is also used to cure diseases. In Acupressure, it is believed that whenever you fall sick, there may be chances of blockage in those meridians. Acupressure deals with the human body as a whole this is the reason it is helpful in relaxing body, emotions, mind, and spirits as one.


So below are some benefits of acupressure

  • Helpful in relieving muscular pain: In acupressure, those points called meridians are pressed using fingers to stimulate the self-curative abilities of the body. This promotes blood circulation in the body that helps in releasing muscular pain.


  • Helps in developing immunity against diseases: In acupressure the imbalances in the body that causes discomfort are targeted, to stop them from doing more damage to the body. This preventive method used before the disease actually hits you, enhances the immunity of the body.


  • Helps in stimulating energy in the body parts: As our body has many acupoints so by giving massage and pressure to the particular acupoint and by giving a massage, you feel relieved from the internal discomfort and this promotes the overall well-being of the body.


  • Acupressure is not to test your endurance: In acupressure, the pressure applied on the muscles are according to its state for example if the muscles are highly developed then you need to apply more pressure but this will be opposite in case the muscles are soft. So, this therapy will not work in case you are feeling an extreme level of pain, instead, you should find a balance between pain and relaxation. It’s all about promoting blood circulation in that particular area so you don’t have to encounter too much pain.


  • Specializes in curing mind and body: While the other treatments focus only on curing the body, acupressure is a therapy that specializes in curing your mind and body. The pressure that is applied to the meridians is not only to improvise your blood circulation but also in relaxing your mind and soul. It makes you feel calm.


So, exercising acupressure even after you got rid of the disease is not harmful. It is a method that should be exercised daily to maintain your health.

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