5 Asanas and their benefits for old age people


Doing exercise especially yoga can have tremendous health benefits in old age. It can help you in the aches, pains, and weakness that comes with old age. Here are some yoga poses that are easy and beneficial for people in their 60’s onwards.


  • Mountain pose (Tadasana): In this, you have to stand straight on your yoga mat with your feet together. Relax your shoulders and then fix your gaze on a spot in front of you. Now take your hands straight over your head. Push yourself up and concentrate on your breathing. Stay in this pose for 10 to 30 seconds. This helps in improving your posture, Improves blood circulation, strengthens thighs and ankles hence relieves the pain that develops in old age.


  • Butterfly Stretch (Baddha Konasana): Sit on the floor with both legs straight out in front of you with your back straight. Try to bring the soles of your feet together. Now bring your heels as close to your body as possible, lean forward then stay for 10 to 30 seconds according to your comfort, you can flip your legs in this position just like a butterfly. This is helpful in stimulating bladder and kidneys, helps in smooth and regular excretion process. This pose is helpful in the process of menopause.


  • Child pose (Balasana): This position is just like a child’s position in a mother’s womb. For this, you have to kneel on your hands and knees. Keeping your knees in hip distance apart. Exhale slowly and move your hips towards your thighs so your bottom rests on your legs and ankles. Bring your forehead to the floor and rest your forehead on your arms.  Then breathe and hold the pose. This helps in releasing tension that built in the back, chest, and shoulder due to old age.


  • Cobra pose (Bhujanga Asana): This pose is an energizing pose that looks like the raised head of a cobra. For this, you have to lie down with your face towards your mat. Keep your palm slightly lower than your shoulder, spread your fingers and press your palms into the floor evenly. You will feel a few inches off the floor then engage your abs by drawing your belly button towards your spine. Start lifting yourself uplift into a cobra pose by using your back and abdominal muscles to bend your back backward. Stay in this pose for 10 to 30 seconds and keep your thighs firmly on the ground as you bend. This asana increases flexibility in shoulders, chest, and stomach. It also strengthens the spine hence making you healthy in old age.


  • Corpse Pose (Shavasana): It is mostly done at the end of the yoga session. In this, you lie down facing your ceiling or sky if you perform it outside. You need to calm down your mind completely and relax your body. The body looks like a corpse in Shavasana with zero movements. Stay for 10 to 15 min and don’t fall asleep. This cures insomnia which comes automatically with old age. This helps in enhancing concentration and ensures mental health.


Performing yoga daily is good for health in old age. As the effects of aging are a natural process but they can be avoided by practicing yoga.

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