Being a Woman !

Females are a major part of this world and in my opinion, they are above males, as women tend to bear a lot more pain, put in a lot more effort and face a lot more troubles than men. There are a lot of personal as well as professional issues in a women’s life. Leaving aside all this, women are inbuilt with the features of handling all these troubles, but, what about the complimentary troubles the society launches upon these eves? They still face it with all the courage they have but till when and till what extent will we suffer, there shall come a time when the patience will burst out and God knows what would be the consequences.
Women’s expectations from their lives and the society:
  • Appreciation- Even if she is a home-maker , she deserves to get appreciated.  She is doing work hard for her family , she is putting in a hell lot of physical and mental effort to make her family succeed in achieving their goals. If she is a mother to an infant and still manages to get her work done , she deserves to be appreciated . If she is a working and still does all the house work waking up early in the morning ,she definitely deserves to get appreciated.
  • Safety– Not only a women needs safety , men and children also need the same . But the society we are living in is bounded with stereotypes and has created a RULE BOOK for women which includes the way of walking , talking and dressing .. The time-limit they need to follow , a list of decent places they can only visit , the non-provocative colors and dresses they should wear so that they don’t get RAPED. So, obviously women and in a wider term females are the ones who are the most unsafe homosepians among the society and their safety and security should be taken in-charge.
  • Equality–  We live in a country where certainly women aren’t the ones having power over anyone but her kids ( that too till a certain age) . Women can be better leaders than men , if given a chance ,but they never get one .
  • Unbounded- Every women’s first want is by default to be unbounded, this is because from the very first day of their understanding they are taught about the society they are living  and they are expected to live in a specific way for the acceptance in their society and to be the ideal #bahu of a stereotypical family and THE END. Didn’t like the end eh? No problem, we can change it but only if we want it and take initiatives.
  • Get equal opportunities– Undoubtedly women DON’T get equal rights in the country , although many laws , rules and regulations have been added to the constitution but there still lacks acceptance of the public, they are still living in the #ancientTimes we must call now where a girl or a women is meant to just live inside the house and perform the household rituals.
Things that need to be changed:
There are certain things that must be taken care of and must be changed and can be changed if we get united. Some of the major ones are as follows:
  1. Narrow Judgments
  2. Various Attacks
  3. Biased Conclusions
  4. Victimizing Women
  5. Eve Teasing
  6. Feminism-
Feminism is the belief that women should be allowed the same rights , powers and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way. The basic agenda for the movement is to have Gender Equality.
Feminism includes various activities stated below although it faces a lot of discrimination but the fact is that ” if you have faced discrimination personally, you know beyond doubt that it exists but if you haven’t , you
doubt it’s existence.
 Feminist Activities :
  1. Equal pays for women
  2. Education for girls
  3. Decision making power
  4. Belief of safety
Steps taken that everyone should be aware of
There are a lot of steps taken for women’s safety which includes around one-fourth of India’s population which is a good sign that at-least people are taking initiatives and making efforts for the same . Some of them are as follows.
  • Safety Campaigns:
These are the campaigns which invoke the public about their rights and especially the females of the society about their basic rights and knowledge about the laws and rules which are made for their support.
Safety campaign involves certain people and are run by both government as well as private sector.
  • NGO’S :
There are several NGO’s which are working for the women , they give shelter to the victims of various attacks and helps them file complaints and even fight a case against the culprit. These NGO’s are a sigh of relief at a vast platform especially in rural areas where women are most ill-treated and unaware of the crimes the have been victims of.
( Women’s helpline no. – 1091)
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