12 Vastu Tips you need to know


Vastu Shastra is a science of Architecture that is believed to be based on practical wisdom. It is a traditional system that incorporates Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Ideas and concepts of Vastu Shastra are models for the organization of space within a building and things are built according to their functions in relation to each other. These Vastu principles are used in the design of Hindu temples, layouts of houses, towns, cities, and other public areas. This is done to facilitate the flow of positive energy in that place.

There are some of the Vastu Tips that you need to know to make your house filled with happiness and positive energy.

Entrance: Starting with Vastu for entrance, this should be in the east as the sun rises from the east. It is said to bring positive energy into your house. The north-east direction is also acceptable for the entrance.

For Kitchen: Kitchen in every household is a place that is revered in many religions. So, for the kitchen, the south-east corner is best as the food we eat should be healthy. Thus, setting up a kitchen in that part brings good fortune in our house.

For meditation: To experience the benefits of meditation, you should sit in a north-east direction according to Vastu science. This helps in the growth of spirituality in your mind.

For Bedroom: If you set your bedrooms according to Vastu, it can bring better outcomes in your life. As per the ancient science, your bedroom should be constructed in the south-west or north-east and the entrance to the bedroom should be facing the north or east side.

Utilization of place under stairs: The place under your stairs should be utilized in order to make a storeroom only. Never make a prayer room or restrooms under the stairs because it is not good according to Vastu.

Sunlight entrance: Your house should be made in a way such that the rays of sunlight should enter in every corner of your house. This increases positive energy and proper sunlight kills the majority of germs that cause odor hence ensures cleanliness.

Toilets: Bathrooms should be in the west or north-west sides of a house. Try to set the bathroom windows in the North or east sides as when the sun rays fall on your body after bath, it is good for your health.

Sleeping Direction: In Vastu, the direction in which you sleep matters a lot. While sleeping your legs should not be in the south direction, this is the main precaution that you should keep in mind. Other than this, placing your head in the east direction is beneficial for students since it’s a place that brings positivity to your body.

Light colors for positivity: Yes using positive colors in your house brings positivity in your house and ensures a soothing environment. These light colors help in keeping your house cool also.

Prayer room: It is the place where you bow in front of the ultimate source of energy i.e god. So, according to Vastu the ideal direction for these places is east. You should place the sacred pictures in east direction only.

Kid’s room: The ideal direction for your kid’s room is North-east or north-west. This fills your kids with positivity and they will be more often to do good things in their lives.

For Garage: Garage is not the place where you can afford to ignore Vastu tips. Yes. You should set your garage towards the north-east direction according to Vastu. Make sure that the sheds of the vehicle should not fall on the main building in any way.

So these were some of the Vastu tips that you need to know in order to fill your house and surrounding with positivity. There are many temples or places that are built according to Vastu. One example of this is the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia and you can feel the positivity it holds.

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