100 % Pure Love

When you feel like you are begging for love with someone!
When you feel like you are a burden or stress in someone’s mind!
That’s the time you need to take a positive pause. It’s time to heal your self and heal your relationship and loved ones too.
It’s very tough to live in a positive state of mind in this situation but I’ll suggest ! you should practice and try to live positive in every situation. Because this is the only right option you have.
You need to understand yourself again and again through self-counselling. You can’t force someone to love. If your love has true essence it will come back to you, maybe this birth or some other birth in different forms like the spouse, children, parents, siblings, cousin, friends, family pet or animal or anything else. If it exists.
Because the Current relationship is running from many births and the source of the current relationship is attachment because attachment is the source of rebirth.
If you really want to free from this suffering you should learn and practice detachment, and detached love is called unconditional love and it leads to be an enlightenment.
It’s easy to read, write and listen, it requires strong commitment with self for transformation, it’s not require one day, few days, months or Years of practice.. It requires lifetime practice.
You can heal yourself through the practice of  Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Pranic healing contemplating positive affirmation, or you can take counselling from Professionals and other alternate therapies too.
Accept the fact and Stay positive Spread Positivity Share Positivity Enjoy Positivity.
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