10 ways of living a blissful life


Bliss is the extreme happiness that people desire to have in life. Happiness doesn’t have any parameter because it varies from person to person. If you will compare your happiness with your desires then you will never feel complete happiness. Yes! Because this happiness is materialistic that shifts again and again.


Perfect happiness or bliss is a state where you feel content even in adversity. You feel this happiness is eternal, nobody can take this away from you. Such type of happiness is the real, true and perfect happiness.

Now the question is how you are going to achieve this thing called bliss? So, here are the ways that you should follow to live a blissful life.


Always feel grateful: Yes, a feeling of gratitude is enough to bring joy to your life. When you start feeling grateful for what you have, you are able to find more ways to fulfill your dreams. So, make it your daily habit. Write at least 7 things that happened to you and you feel grateful for them. It is not that difficult right. So start from today.


Live in this moment: Focusing on this moment without thinking about future or past will change your perspective towards life. Continuously thinking about improving your present rather than lamenting on past is the key to living a happy life. So, always live in this moment, do everything to make it better. Practice this because it’s not easy. Whenever your mind starts thinking about those unnecessary things, just say stop and gently try to live in the present moment.


Stop Complaining: Complaining about things is not the solution rather you should work towards improving them. When you think about the solution it makes optimistic.


Feel privileged: Always think like you are the most privileged man on this earth. Think like your suffering are nothing as compared to others. This makes you feel content. You will feel good for what you have. It will make you do some great things for the less privileged people.


Give time to your family and friends: Don’t stay too busy in fulfilling your desires that you can’t get enough time to share happiness with your family and friends. Shape your day so that you have some time that is dedicated to your friends and family. This another part of a perfect life.


Master control on your tongue: Yes, because sometimes unnecessary words can worsen a situation or turn a blessing into a nightmare. So, always hold control over your thoughts. Always avoid hateful speeches towards people around you.


Accept your past: Past is not a thing to avert always, it is a treasure filled with your experiences. This experience is filled with possibilities of success in the future. It is the wisdom that you can share with others to make their lives easy. So, always learn from your past and accept it as it is.


Be kind to others: Kindness has its own advantages. It gives you a feel-good environment naturally. When you stay kind to others be it a human or an animal, it makes you happy in turn.


Love yourself: Don’t push too hard to prove yourself to others because a winner is one who is happy in being himself. Listen to your inner thoughts, they will guide you always. Stay healthy physically and mentally because overall well-being is important to have a blissful life.


Get some fresh air: Don’t just stick to social media in the name of socializing. Yes, a study has revealed that people who spend more time on social media, tend to have a depressed life. So go out for a long walk, socialize with people in reality. This is a great way to live a happy life because in this way you get to know your surroundings.


These are some ways that lead you towards a blissful life. It is not easy to follow them at once but practicing them daily will surely improve you and your life.

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