10 amazing Facts about Sikhism you must know


Sikhism is a religion started by Guru Nanak at the end of 15th century originated in the Punjab Region of the Indian Subcontinent. It is one of the youngest religions in the world.


  • Sikhism is a monotheistic religion: In Sikhism God is considered as shapeless, timeless and invisible. They consider god as the Supreme Being, eternal reality, the creator, without fear and devoid of enmity, immortal, never incarnated, self-existent, known by the grace of a true Guru.
  • Beliefs based on spiritual union: Guru Nanak’s are based on a spiritual union with the ultimate power also called god which results in salvation or liberates from all the grievances while staying alive. It is not based on the final destination as heaven or hell.
  • Gurbani -the Guru’s teachings: The teachings of Guru Nanak is called Gurbani. The music that you enjoy in Gurdwara are the verses of Guru Granth Saheb that are recited in thirty-one ragas of the Indian classical music.
  • The significance of Shabad kirtan: Guru Nanak started the Shabad Kirtan tradition. His teachings explained that kirtan is a powerful way to achieve tranquility while meditating. Singing the glories of God with devotion is the most effective way to come in union with the ultimate power as it is omnipresent.
  • Sikhism doesn’t advocate any superstition on the name of God: Sacrificing animals, fasting, conducting self-torture etc these are prohibited in Sikhism. They believe that the only way to please God is to love him. No one should perform any superstition in the name of god.
  • They give equal respect to both genders: Sikhism believes that the ultimate power has no shape and that the spirit has no gender or source. It gives equal status to both man and women as both are capable to perform duties towards humanity. Though translations present god as masculine but in Sikhism, there is no discrimination on any basis.
  • Women do not change their last names after marriage: This is the beauty of Sikhism, they ensured equality of women in society. The gurus started a system where the last name Kaur for women which means Lioness or princess and Singh is for men that means lion.
  • The significance of 5 k’s in Sikhism: The 5 k’s stands for Kesh (uncut hair), Kangha (small wooden comb), Kara (circular steel or iron bracelet), Kirpan (sword or dagger) and Kacchera (special undergarment). It is a religious commandment given by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 that Sikhs must wear these 5 articles of faith at all the times.
  • The meanings of Khalsa: The baptized Sikhs are called Khalsa which means the one belonging to the divine. The Khalsa Sikh live by the high moral standards of Sikh guru which includes abstaining from smoking, drinking and other intoxicants, performing daily prayers.
  • ‘Khanda’ the symbol of Sikhism: The double-edged sword flanked by two daggers is the symbol of Sikhism. it represents that all the worldly and spiritual powers are bounded by the oneness of the god.


These were some of the major things that one should know about Sikhism

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