Enjoy Life you only live once if you do it right ,once is Enough.

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My emotional rhythm is balanced, my intellectual tune is stable, my physical gesture is controlled. Cosmic music is playing within me and I am dancing a universal dance and singing an infinite song. The fountain of divinity is floating in me, It’s an ecstatic experience which I live.
Now I don’t have any regrets if I die today, because I live and experience an enlightened life before I die, and the art of dying I learned from the enlightenment.
Every misery and suffering have vanished, no more regret, no more complain only my existence is left. I am enjoying every single moment of my being. The godliness radiating wherever I am going, whomsoever I am talking.
No desire left for… no more birth and no more death. No more questions and no more answers. I am in me. My I is vanishing slowly and I am “Just “Be”.
So ! “Enjoy your life. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.
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